Sunday, July 3, 2011


Hello and welcome to the first jpridg blog. This first blog is merely an attempt to ensure my settings are correct and that the posts are ready to be read.

I want to take a moment and introduce myself and explain the purpose of this blog. I am not a political commentator, politician, nor affiliated with any political activist or lobby group. I am merely a Christian who is fed up with the erosion of freedom and truth in these great United States of America. Yes we are the greatest nation in the world and are blessed by God Almighty. In fact, it was on his foundation that we were created. The problem with this country is that we have perverted the idea of what freedom means and therefore started the demise of true freedom in the name of political correctness and secular humanism. I believe that there are three main religions in the US whose members don't even realize they are a part of a religion, but whose purpose is to erode the very foundations that make the US the leader of the free world. In order, those religions are:
1. Secular Humanism,
2. Environmentalism, and
3. Socialistic Liberalism
All three of these religions have one purpose in take away our freedoms in the name of freedom. In essence this means the perversion of laws created to ensure our freedom, by subverting power of a majority rule society through the ideology of legislating from the bench. Basically, groups with patriotic and family friendly sounding names (ie...American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, and many, many more) have realized that they will never succeed in getting their socialistic, and even communistic, ideas pushed through by popular vote. So instead, they have created an ingenious plan of indoctrinating and training lawyers and judges with their ideals, and then quietly planting them into the highest courts possible. As soon as their judge is in place, then come the lawsuits designed to take an existing freedom and have it declared unconstitutional.
This is not something that they just begun doing, this has been in the works for nearly a
century. It has only proven fruitful in the last couple of decades. The problem is, the
movement is gaining steam because the average American does not research the history behind  these organization, only looking at them for face value. They think that these organizations are creating freedoms and protecting them from an overreaching government. Sounds like a good deal, right? Wrong!
My blogs will be built around them premise of bringing the truth of these organizations to
light, as well as other intrusions upon our freedoms. I will be speaking out against these
three main religions as well as injecting Christian principles into the topics, including the necessity to continue supporting our greatest ally, Israel. Many topics will focus on how her
existence is affecting the rest of the world including the US. I will also be introducing many news bits that you will not hear from the mainstream media and the reasons why the  mainstream media doesn't want you to hear them.
Am I alone in this cause? Of course not. So why another blog when others are speaking for
the same objectives?
Simple. If only one or two stand up to tyranny, it will be a short fight. I'm not only  trying to speak the truth, but trying to encourage others to stand up for the truth. I want to help build an army of people who stand for Truth, Freedom, and Righteousness! I want  people to speak out and be heard when we are being oppressed. God bless all who read these blogs and are motivated to action because of them.

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